Pancaran Bening/Serene Emanation
oil on linen 30-40
Roy James Döhne 1997

Some allegations about
the Javanese South-Sea Queen

The awesome Javanese
- so alive -
dedicated in meditations with symbols of
Magic - Mystic - Occultism - Spirituality - Imagination - Fantasy
hide-out in Her Mysterious Beauty
Shadows of Mermaids - Nyai's - Courtesan's - Wicca's - Pagan's

The unrecognized Universal
- so alive -
predicting disasters and mischieves of
Destruction - Damnation - Obscuration
hide-out in Her Mystic Surroundings
Shadows of Spirits - Demons - Ghosts - Shadies - Nymphs

The transparent Phenomenom
- so alive -
out of Ancient Times and kept in Nature's Heart like
Aphrodite - Eve - Isis - Quan-Yin - Shekhina - Sophia - Sapienta - Durga - Kali
hide-out in Her True Hallucination
Shadows of Emotions - Physics - Perceptivity - Future

Her Origine is unknown!
The Javanese people gave Her the name of RATU KIDUL, Queen Of The South.
Java, the Indonesian island located at the North of the Indian Ocean,
the Samudra Kidul or the Ocean of the South to the Javanese. It is the realm of
the mystic Spirit-Queen Of The South, the Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.
She Who Reigns Over The Spirits, Demons, Nymphs & Every Dark Creature Out Of The Underworld.
The Queen Of The Southern Ocean is said to be heavenly beautiful.
Her Name has been involved with Nature, Culture, History. Her unsurpassed Beauty got involved with
Sexuality, Spirituality and Fantasy. That is why this Beauty is as dazzling as dangerous. Especially when She is
showing Her Naked Beauty, the only time that She does not like to be spied upon. Better you catch a colour of
the Queen when She is riding over the foamcrested waves of the Southern Ocean. This foam is thrown back with
huge forces into a thousand of atoms which in the fierce Indian sunlight, assume the rays of a MultiColoured Rainbow
It is told within here the Queen houses and will watch you all the time.
Hear Her Voice in the sound of the thundering waves...
The beautiful courtdance Bedhåyå Ketawang is dedicated to Her.
The very special flower Wijåyå Kusumå belongs to Her.
The manatee, seacow or doejong has been created in the Myth of the Ikan Duyung. It is told they are Her Mermaids.
The edible bird-nests from the sea-swallows Sarang Burung Walet are regarded as a delicacy and producing a rich
harvest every year. The legends line us up with the Javanese South-Sea Goddess whose Beauty shines in the very
forbidden Colour Of Green. She can be recognized at Her Incredible-woven Coil, which nobody can imitate.
The Queen Of The Southern Ocean is said to be dangerous as hell.
Every god knows Her, every demon respects Her, every spirit returns to Her.
Every year the Javanese turn up to bring a lot of offerings to her with the complicated rituals
and enormous ceremonies. Every misadventure, misappropriate, mischief or misuse will be punished. The people
believe it is because of Her, the Queen Of The Southern Ocean. The people fear her in this Disguise With Loose Hair,
the wild Njai Lårå Kidoel or the sexy Nyai Loro Kidul...
The Queen Of The Southern Ocean is said to be wonderful like sex.
The Queen Of The Southern Ocean is said to be sweet as candy.
Young men make visits to the Southcoast of Java to meet Her.
Young girls come to the Southcoast of Java to ask about the unions with males.
All kind of Love-legends circles around her Myth. The people adore Her in this manifest of the
virgin Njahi Rårå Kidoel. The most fantastic stories still rising by visitors to the Southcoast of Java, included by tourists...
...about the Queen Of The Southern Ocean, the Dèwi Pantai Selatan...

 Who is She??? 
Her Origine is unknown
She just ís!!!
I had the opportunity to feel the emotions and vibrations...
It was Her? I don't know.
I have heard the sound, the music and the stories along the Southcoast.
I have looked out for Her and sought out the tellings.
I have meditated in the shadow of the trees.
I have met the guardians called juru-kunci.
I have touched the thundering waves.
I have embraced the rocks and stones.
I have smelled the burning incense.
I have got through the dark elements.
I have found the written material.
I have translated some science-learnings.
I have told the untold story in the blameless blast.
I have described all this and...
I have painted the Female Goddess Aspect, in the way I discovered Her...
And still processing,
Still I do not know who She is!
Kebersamaan Dalam Kosmos/Cosmic Gathering
oil on linen, 50-70
© Roy James Döhne 1997
Updated 11-06-2024

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