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More about the Javanese
also on BALI ...Island Of The Gods...

by Roy James Döhne
covers of magazines ParaVisie/Dutch + Javanese Liberty + Tourist-Info

About the GODDESS OF THE SOUTH-SEA you can't tell too little or too many.
The most special and striking fact concerns the kernel of Her mysterious
tellings, it is the bizar "exile, banishment" to the wild and furious mass
of sea of the Indian Ocean. This ocean belongs to the immensely
mass of sea along the Southern shore of Indonesia covering a
distance of so many miles, coming from the South-Pole of
Antartic. No mystery can come out of this deep ocean and even to
the famous, well-known Jacques Cousteau it was not granted to do research
about the secrets of the Indian Ocean especially within the Southern areas of the island
of Java. That's why he and his crew had to remove themselves to the well-known Islands of Bali,
Christmas and Cocos, where he filmed the at that time very rare and never observed Nautulis-creature.

Hormat Kepada Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul at Karang Kawu
Eerbetoon voor Hare Majesteit Ratu Kidul te Karang Hawu
Honouring Her Majesty Queen Of The South at Karang Hawu

art - oil on linen - Frans Erkelens 1994


It is not truly understandable why mystics do reign in the areas of the South-Java parts.
We do
know within these shaggy uninhabitable territories along the South-coast a lot of unexplainable
phenomena may appear and unexplicable symptoms and behaviour do perform. In spite of
this the scientific researchers were able to interpret and "solve" some of the mysteries. A
possibly frightened visitor could pass fearless for now.It did not took away the feeling
 of "unheimisch" and creepy within these surroundings, as well during day-time as
night-time with the roar of the profound Southern Ocean-waves...

All over the whole wide world such magical places can be found, in Indonesia named
the "tempat keramat" (=sacred place). Mostly the name concerns a male person, in-
volved with these places. Whether or no it does not matter these persons were
saints, martyrs, magicians or just criminals. These figures have made incon-
ceivable impressions to the Javanese, believers of "ancestor worship" and
magical figures, and enlarged the spheres of magic and mystics around
their ego. The magics mostly got involved with witchcraft, magical
tricks and charms, of which the local natives hardly know any-
thing, living as one with nature. The superior indoctrination
of some intruders often caused a submissive effect, with
an adoration for that particular person a a result. And
ofcourse the "versus"-group arose...

This turned onto the manifest of "good and evil".
It goes without saying such a façade rather
established an evil side with a lot of
damages with the local population
that place. Disagrees always
lead to the most terrible
acts... Nobody can be
blamed for that, it
is the fatal output
and development
of a cycle. Just
the exact dis-
cord guides
again to
the side of
the "right" (=adil)
Right And Order Over Chaos!
This cyclus one has translated within the


who appears... or just redraws in the most hard times.
In this way She seems to announce the dawn of golden times
to turn away at that precise moment chaos will strike again with full blast
like a boiled woman within the same cycle, always going on...
This surpreme remarkable and curious character has been "awarded" to the Javanese
when She will return as the


photographs copyright by Hotel Indonesia International Corporation, printed by C.V.Massa Bali

On January 20, 1993, a Tragedy struck... in the form of a Fire and destroyed about 315 rooms in
the star-shaped TOWER-wings of the famous BALI BEACH Hotel. A most curious and mysterious
phenomenon came to light during an inspection...The ROOM 327 on the 3rd floor had not suffered
from one single damage... Mystic supernatural powers had taken care of this particular room by
...the element of WATER!!!
All people of the Balinese Island Of The Gods have put their's shoulders to the wheel and only eight
months after the old hotel had been destroyed, it was again open for business...on October 3, 1993
The room where nothing has been removed, is not to be seen for tourists. Be carefull though lucky if
entering the room... and the gardener could tell you more about some facts, mysteries and more...
...like a visit to the PURA PENATARAN AGUNG BATUR...
...and the manifestation of the Goddess IDA BATARI DEWI ULUN DANU...
The Spirit-Queen Of The Sacred Flowing Lake-Wateries...
...where you can visit the PURA PENATARAN AGUNG BATUR...
...and the manifestation of the Goddess IDA BATARI DEWI ULUN DANU...

ROOM 327, photographed by Roy James 1994