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Virgin Goddess Of Youth and Beauty
Of Fantasies, Interminable, And Dreams For Ever

batik-tulis of a royal Nyai Rårå Kidoel riding a dragon (privat-collection)

"Dreams turn into reality", that is what the wise men say. Dreams come true!
Fantasy on the other hand is risky, dangerous! Going beyond day-dreaming...
Dreams encroach upon the moment the fantasy comes to an end,
whilst fantasy does start into life the moment dreams has come true...
The Nyi Rårå Kidoel does manifest Herself along the Javanese South-coast in
the shape of the most beautiful, specially young women.
Green is the favourite color of Her...so very very prohibited!
For that very reason just young angry males seek for the heavenly beauytiful
Nyi Rårå Kidoel
who shows up and appears, it is told,
alike a defiant nymph with a perfectly-build body, swayin' Her hips, and loose
 long hair, extremely sexual orientated and on the utmost unexpected moments...
Such a zenith of womanly temptation absolutely has not the intention of another
fertility-ceremony! With these "one" moments there is only one special thought
within the fantasy of those reared-young angry and hot-headed males...
Their male-virginity looses itself onto fantasy...
translated into dragons, naga's/snakes and...caves/gua, flowers and vessels!

modern South-Sea-Goddess, artist unknown + Njai Ratu Kidul by Inten Bayan + Nyi Roro Kidul, artist unknown

The symbolism with the virgin has been vesseled/gripped
at the concubine, the word for the Javanese "nyai"...

!Look here! the drama-saga of the beautiful Princess Of The South,
chosen in accordance of culture and tradition until the second queen and spouse
of the omnipresent reigning King, She who grew and developed into an excellent
high-qualified and honoured personality!
Next to the First Lady the second wife used to be the most important consort
of the surroundings of the King, even more desirable as Madame My Lady.
Those relations did develop many tangles and complications,
but those of Nyi Rårå Kidoel do surpass every fantasy.
The Hinduistic Nayika and the present Japanese Geisha draw near this position as close.
...Virgin-females not "virgin" anymore...
The beautiful virginal purity who withdrew Herself to the all-dried-up Sand-Sea.
Hither She will be prepared to be crowned until the
Spirit-Queen Of The South-Sea.
Out there She will be leading the Realm of Spirits, Demons, Nymphs and every
Creature out of Darkness. She will be the Only One who can set food upon
this World Of Hades, the Underword of obvious Obscurity,
without running the risk of danger, any risk of perils. The myths of the Goddess
universally do tell all over the world about this "descent", Her coming down
into the Underword Of Hades. The utmost
well-known telling is the ritual of the Egyptian Goddess-Queen ISIS.
The myths and legends of the Oriental KALI-MA do expose even more perils.
The Greek Demeter searching after Persephone already belongs to the modern myths.
Like the Green Man, a reputation used for Al Chadir or Al Khidir,
famous out of the Islamic and King Arthur-legends...
All of these have been kept in the legendary symbols of the legend about

Sang Dèwi Hijau Di Dalam Sang Naga Suci
The Green Goddess Within Holy Naga
oil on linen 60-80
© Roy James Döhne 2000