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Beauty is mysterious...
Yes, beauty ìs mysterious!

Schoonheid brengt liefde wijd en zijd
Doch al te schoon brengt leed en nijd...
Beauty shows love far and wide
Too beautifull will kill the bride...

People think beauty is female...that is true. People think beauty is male...true indeed.
People think beauty is a thing...or somebody...or to buy...or to keep...or to be...
I don't know. I know beauty is something outside...to look at.
And because of that something's happening... inside...a feeling!
Working as a make-up artist I got  rudely involved with the beauty exterior.
And because of that I moved to the beauty interior...
the unseen and untold form of the Goddess!

Some results:


1. Priscilla Presley-beauty, on tour for Moments-perfume
2. Tiger-beauty for calender, photographed by Noëll
3. Famke Jansen, James Bond 007-beauty, editorial fashion, photographed by Thed Lenssen
4. Model-beauty, for hairproduction, photographed by Roy-James
5. Sea-beauty, make-up for Clinique(jewelry YSL), Harper's Bazar, photographed by Thed Lenssen
6. Male-beauty, try-out for make-up test

To give beauty to... is the most difficult thing. Ask the youngest and the oldest.
Not yet open with the youngest and the beauty belongs to forbidden innocence,
too far open and beauty turn into ugliness.
To get beauty is the most easy thing. Ask the flowering guys and dolls.
The mass goes for it within the Era Of Grab And Greed.
Even they won't admit in their heart and cry for pure beauty.
Maybe beauty belongs to the female world...because of the attraction.
That is receiving, circular and sucking.
Outside...and inside!

Offerings for a goddess are mostly beauty-symbols in rituals and ceremonies
The Javanese people contemplate the Female Goddess Aspect as heavenly beautifull.
She Who Reigns Over The Southern Indian Ocean.
That is why they honour Her with beauty articles
like powder, lipstick, a hairbrush and a mirror.
All articles of magic, mystery and mystics!

Painting out of Room 308, Samudra Beach-Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu, Java

beauty-girl doing her make-up beauty-gifts on dressing-table, room 308 - Samudra Beach-Hotel

Nobody knows how the manifesto of the
got specified into the Indian Ocean.
Only legends, myths and sagas surround the manifesto of the Goddess.
It is not important to the Javanese, the fact is She manifests Herself in these regions.
Like the beautifull Spirit-Queen Ratu Kidul...the Goddess of Beauty, Truth and Lies...
The unspoiled maiden Nyi Rara Kidoel...the Goddess of Beauty, Youth and Death...
The hot sick virgin Nyai Lara Kidul...the Goddess of Beauty, Sex and Disease...
the Goddess of Beauty and Mystics...
the Goddess of Beauty and Occultism...

unknown painting oil on linen Nyai Loro Kidul in Jugendstil, collection Ambarrukmo-Hotel Surakarta 1999

The first historial Goddess with the same aspect of
was the ancient, Chinese QUAN YIN
Even Her origine can't be found in ancient times,
so people 'assuming Her manifesto to the
light and the tears of the transgender Avalokiteshvara.
She was born out of his light and later, out of his tears...

Beauty can't be known!
You can see beauty!
You can feel beauty!
That still is a mystery...


See one of the most mysterious, female legends; the beautiful Queen Salomé.
She danced the most magic DANCE Of The SEVEN VEILS to the eyes of
King Herod (Matthew14:6-8), and, got involved with John the Baptist.
He wasn't murdered, it's told, though killed in a ritual sacrifice.
The famous French painter Gustave Moreau painted her in all her mysterious beauty
(L'apparition-1876, see book GUSTAVE MOREAU by Pierre-Louis Mathieu, Fribourg 1976).
A strange, bizar coincidence; the Queen Salomé has been named in the Bible as the
QUEEN OF THE SOUTH (Matthew12/42).
The QUEEN OF THE SOUTH is defenitely not out of the West nor out of the East...
She is just coming out of the Middle...
That is a mystery too!