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The magical Goddess Of Sex and Desire

Wajah Nyang Luka/Disfigured Beauty
oil on linen 40-50
© Roy James Döhne 1997

Njai-Gede Kidol,
the Ratoe-Lårå-Kidoel

the people of Java
 do warn you to "meet" the
legendary, magical and mythical
They rather do not like any insinuations, yet
on closer examination such a disastrous strike with the
Javanese Goddess concerns the more wrathful version of the
!Woe to thee! the very untimely one moment She will be bespied!
For instance when She's "taking a bath" and will be all naked.
Ruin, destruction, misfortune, sickness and even dead can be pitched into you.
Like "black illness", "high fever with delirious-attacks",
"sexual blockades", "water-oedema" and within the most
bad case "death by drowning", where ever you are...
Indeed the bad luck always come at the utmost untimely moments...
It's just like with the most cruel, diseased and incensed version with the
"She is very exacting, demanding,
claims for baptism of fire with fire-rituals,
requires for young well-build handsome males
and those who are dressed in green colours,
the blood of slaughtered animals to pay a just tribute
to Her with all kind of rituals and ceremonial offerings,
delicacies in female and male forms, in white and red colours,
and various other kind of matter of matter and substance",
do tell some in a significant way...

...One legendary telling...
...once a heavenly beautiful princess is forced to leave her royal
accommodation. Sometimes married, sometimes not she is being
brought low, humiliated and exiled out of the royal surroundings.
Black magic like guna-guna/voodoo, bad witchcraft and other kind
of demonic powers haunt and tease her.
Those bad powers destroy her externals...her beauty...
Disabled and shattered she seeks for the Javanese South-coast,
accompanied with her mortally ill mother and Nung, her edited
shield and always caring wet-nurse.
Wholly exhausted, ill-favoured and feeling all miserable
she did not fear the danger, did not side-stepped any difficulty
and took the right course!!!
Her very final "action", has been told, is the disappearance within the
mad and wild waves of the Indian Ocean...
Maybe close to the place of the legendary Karang Hawu
a solid lava-rock crawling into the
the SAMUDRA  KIDUL where the haunted princess got crowned

Patroness and ruler of the Indian Ocean
Spirit-Queen Of Spirits And Demons
Nymphs And Creatures Out Of The Underworld.
One Lelemboet And Spirit Of Stainless Purity
Besmirched And Defiled By Terrestrial Influence...
Only By Oneself Within The Holy South...
Terrestrial Purity Can Be Acquired Again, A Second Time...
it is told by the Tenggeresian People of East-Java
and performed by the original West-Javanese Orang Baduis

batik-tulis Dèwi Samudra Kidul, de Njai-Gede Kidol (privé-collectie)

The Goddess taking a bath, "prohibited" to people of Earth,
we do know of Artemis, Persephone, Diana, Prosperina and
ofcourse the Greek Love-Goddess Aphrodite. !Better be aware! to avoid
the Chinese Quan-Yin and the Hindu Kali with their magical bath-ritual!!!
On the island of Java the popular Nawang Wulan & Jaka Taroeb-legend
has been a highly beloved myth. She, a Nymph out of Heaven,
and he, a fool moon hunter on Earth, meet eachother within
a special moment. A sacred marriage shows up. A Hieros Gamos!
With all the consequensies within.
Nawang Wulan became the ancestress of the
West-Javanese and besides Prime Minister within the Realm
of the RATU KIDUL.

Updated: 30-03-2019