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Juru-kunci near Karang Hawu, West-Java + Parang-Kesuma, Central-Java an area where the existence of the
South-Sea Goddess
has grown to a great experience, people love to inform you about the mystic here...

The reports the Spirit-Queen Of The Southern Ocean should drag unconscious souls to Her
Underwater-Palace do not fit in, sorry...alas! The Southern-Javanese population
really do know well those "accidents" just happen because of Mother Nature...and because
of uncontrolled behaviour by particular persons. They went to the South-coast of Java...
proud, defiant, exuberant and with delusion of grandeur.
They challenged, tempted and insulted the Spirit-Queen. Very often
with the results of disease, misfortune, and even death by drowning...
Those-one who returned out of the ocean, including harmless fishermen
and insignificant souls, "keep up with the legend alive...", that's what
the Javanese say carrying conviction. A characteristic feature of that Silent Secret Power!

sketches out of Javanese traditions

All along the South-coast of Java most bizar and remarkable experiences went
through many adventures and get told again and again.
Some people go for a deep meditation to get a meeting with the
South-Sea-Goddess, other sustain spontaneously inspiration or
just get caught sight of the Goddess, unsuspectingly "hit" by the Goddess.
Generally speaking such a striking moment never happens without a further ado,
!whoom! like that, at most you
have to be alone, an individual emotionally touched,
a bad rover on a ramble expedition, a malicious vagabond,
or a revengeful egoïst, a selfseeker, a selfish stupide.
A very important person and even a king can be ranked among them too;
in the regions of spirits all is equal, no rank and station.
The "highest is looking for the lowest" and the "lowest does link up the highest",
has been told by an "adept", an informant.

* * *
* a resisting mermaid gets caught into the net of a fisherman...
and she grants for every  wish, untill...
* a sudden whirlwind rises, the fisherman-prau drifts off the coast
down the stream yet reaching the shores...
* sucked away right into a whirlpool..... a female creature
is found within the eye-spot of the giant-vortex...
* one pillar out of ocean-water reaches for the sky...... like a immense
huge beautifull virgin breathtaking in all her womanly nakedness,
...or like a monstruous octopus with many many tentacles...
* stranded on a sudden loom-up island in the middle of the ocean,
with nothing else but the scent and smell of the melathi-flower...
* swimming around without any suspicion.....all of a sudden creatures try
to pull you down, and the surface of the ocean is closing...
* religion and meditation are been practized with conviction and in great devotion....
nature gets tangled, ruined and becomes destructive...
a beautifull being out of heaven withdraws from that angered nature...

...deep within the Indian Ocean...

Many curious visitors, as well from abroad as local, wonder,
 how it is possible a mythical creature, a being out of heaven/hell,
can make feelings running that high. Even a doubting Thomas hesitates
about the possible existing of the being of the Goddess Of The Southern Ocean...


...I am the fish out of the ancient ocean
be stranded on the rocks near Parangtritis
gasping for breath ...and water
I am the poet
soon devoid of speech
who cannot uncover one sense
...inward wind be able to make stone singing
...I am the mystical bird
feathered with the blowing wind
the fish out of primeval ancient-time
whose fins are the ocean...

... ik ben de vis uit de oer-oceaan
gestrand op de rotsen van Parangtritis happend naar water
... ik ben de dichter
welhaast verstoken van taal
die geen zin kan ontdekken
... innerlijke wind die steen kan doen zingen
... ik ben de mystieke vogel
gevederd met de wind
de vis van het oer-begin
wiens vinnen de zee zijn ...

Mustofa Bisri
(out of "Traditionele en moderne poëzie van Indonesië"
Instituut Indonesische Cursussen
o.l.v. Bruce Van Rijk & Tineke Mook, Leiden 1994)

Who Is Thee???
With A Territory-Sphere Within The Indian Ocean, The Samudra Kidul?
With A Unsurpassed Breathtaking Beauty Towards Sex And Fantasy?
With One Awarded Name Unified With Nature Scenery?
With A Being Close Related To Culture And History?
With An Invisible Existence Raising Deep Emotions
As Well Devoted Adoration As Terryfying Fear?
Submissiveness And Pride
Humility And Haughty
Affection And Jealousy
Inclination And Envy
Love And Hate...
Within The Point
And Circle
Who Is


...WHO IS SHE???...