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Beauty Of South-Java

The waves-surf near Kukup, Middle-of-Java + Karang Hawu, West-Java-foto's R.J.D.
The predominant existence with
Mother Nature scenery seems to have
survived around here, not disturbed at  all.
Thence yet the utmost unequal way of life can
be found, so it does not seem bizar the myths and
legends took the leading part and developed until
nowaday! At the background still the roaring of the ever
raged ocean! Possibly not that strange to award Her with the
leading part in all the natural phenomena! The Javanese knew to
find their ways in the spiritual world, just like a lot of the nations living with
nature. We know the Hopi-Indians, the Aboriginals, the Maori's, the Eskimo's/Inuits,
the ancient Chineses and others...

South-coast Parang-Tritis, Central-Java-.-foto's RoyJava.D.
The primitive powers of the elements always fashioned and influenced the psyche
of the human being who turned the facts onto living similes.
With the very One named Water...
Entering the gua/cave

The famous sacred cave of GUA LANGSE, carved out by erosion (foto CEPHAS)

One specimen of the highest qualified arts by "Lady Water" and "Mother Nature"
you can find at the South-coast of Java. The sacred cave of Gua Langsé has been
visited by Lady Water and Mother Nature beheld and kept the wonderfull superb
polished limestone cave.To reach the sacred cave with a special chamber known
as the "Throne Of The South-Sea Goddess"  is very difficult.Yet the Javanese and pil-
grims willingly come to this sacral place near the South of Jogyakarta, Gunung Kidul.

The South-coast with the islands of Bali, the Ulu-Watu Temple + Flores, Ende-foto's R.J.D.

Within nature the elements do fulfil a crucial role which often has been
forgotten.The want to revive the need of those elements got back
again, like with the "New Wave" of the "New Age". The ten-
dency for spirituality and the realization about material
things do reach again the form of animism, once
the liaison long ago in ancient times. The
 speciality within the scenery of Java
has been unlimited, for instance
like the peculiar Coronation-
Flower the Wijaya Kesuma,
the ablazed wood of
Kayu Pèlèt,the edi-
ble birdsnests
and the exis-
tence of the
the na-
me for

An edible-bird's nest gatherer/shadow hunter + Batu Layang, the same kind of island
where the Holy Coronation Flower Wijaya Kesuma does grow and is flowering...

Perilous stunts the edible-bird's nest and flower gatherers and the shadow-
hunters have to practice. With the result of be in possession of the every
where known edible bird's nests, the Sarang Burung or the remarkable
Coronation-flower, the Bunga Wijaya Kesuma for the benefit of the
Susuhunan of Solo/Surakarta. All the special powers of these pro-
ducts of nature will bring success,happiness,welfare, good luck
and triumph.
Whether the sea-swallow/Salangane and the Pysonia Sylvestris
flower indeed grant for some supernatural powers the scientific
researchers can't inform about. But they do not make resist the
powers come from  supernatural spheres...
When the question arises about the "area" of the
Goddess Of The Southern Ocean the resear-
chers of science do sneer and do grimaces
upon which one
individual nods assent...

...the wijaya kesumå... & ...birds-nest...

Penawaran Istimewa Aspek Yang Wanita, Wijaya Kesuma
Speciaal Offer Van Het Vrouwelijke Aspect, Wijaya Kesuma
Special Offer Of The Female Aspect, Wijaya Kesuma

oil on linen
Frans Erkelens 1996

!Frans Erkelens has painted me!
!It was a great honour to have posed for this painting!
!See here the special offering to the Female Divine!
!The legend of the Holy Wijåjå Kusumå flower!
Matur Nuwun...Thanks A Lot
to Frans Erkelens, who used to be my painting teacher
!!!...one of the famous 7 Dutch Meta-realists out of the 70's...!!!

...out of nature... cyber to... culture...

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Updated: 19 - 06 - 2018