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Njahi Ijem Saking Samodra Kidoel/The Green Virgin Out Of The South-Sea
oil on linen 80-100
Roy James Döhne 1999

...A Living Legend...
...Nature, the Body of the Goddess...
The legend  stature with Nyai Loro Kidul has became glorious through Her manifestation.
Her manifesto as the "beautiful sea-queen" of Nyai Loro Kidul manifesting Herself upon a
lot of fishermen, specially when they got in trouble be left behind all alone with the sea.
All men seperated from their home and family for a week of Sundays, staying for a long
while within their tiny  fish-outrigger canoes. Mostly they were young men being driven
off their's course, or the elder ones being in fear of the mountainous waves. Caught by
their deep emotions and all in mortal fear they invoked the Queen Of The South-Sea's
name. Within unconscious terror and all in tears they know She is not the acquaintance
incensed Goddess, for now taking away their solitude. She shows the way back to town
and even suits the fishermen with deep tranquillity through her existence...

The complete South-coast with Indonesia excists of a limy rocky structure with omineus
& inhospitable areas upwards stretching with a right-angle out of the wild wild surf. The
superb inexperienced nature scenery, the splender still strand radiate one strange
silence. The smooth, dry and narrow North-coast with the island of Java is
intolerable through the terrible heat. That is why the voyager and
tourist on her/his way carefully are to be guided out of the
West- to the East-Java, named The "happy-golden-
mean" Road. That is the generally known way
with the capitol of Indonesia, Jakarta, along
Bandung with Bogor, Tasikmalaya, Batu-
raden, and the court-cities Yogyakarta
and Solo, better known as Surakarta.
The greater part of voyagers and
tourists is being  "utmost" to travel
hitherwards, like the Bali-island,
famous Island Of The Gods...
The South-coast of Java has
been known with the living
climate surrounding  and
conditions corresponding
with nature.  That occu-
pant and extant silence
do has one suitable mys-
terious  "personality",  of
which the Javanese out
of the South believe the
supernatural powers do
reign here for sure. There
are many, many sacred
places,  named after
the demons or demo-
niac creatures. Well,
these spirits
under the ma-
nagement of the
invisible and Spirit

It is Her who survived
through thousands
of generations and
to be  formed into
the legendary Sea-Goddess,
the Spirit-Queen Of Ghosts
Demons and Waters of
Rivers, Lakes & Oceans

Within the ancient myths
these tellings already has
been told, but nowadays
a lot of these original stories
has turned into "male"-tellings,
deformed untill faerie-tales, with all
beauty themes, facts and a lot of incre-
dible and bizar horror elements beyond belief.

Tarekat di Pelabuhan Ratu/Ritual at Pelabuhan Ratu
oil on linen, Roy James Döhne September 2000

At the beach of Samudra Beach-Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu West-Java
I joined the Indonesian very special healthiness-sport
My level is Pengedalian Keras 9

performed on the beach in front of the Samudra Beach-Hotel-foto's R.J.

SATRIA NUSANTARA DUDUK = stay-in-seat-pose

In spite of the vague backgrounds around
the ancient ethnic divine female there is a kind
of original source about the SOUTH-SEA GODDESS which
is apparent Westering of Java with the beautiful, wayward
and curious Sunda with the metropolis Jakarta. In the South of the
famous city Bandung, because of the Bogor-garden, you will find an once
small fishing-village, grown into the city of Pelabuhan Ratu.  On the very edge
of the Indian Ocean there is the Samudra Beach Hotel, all alone in the "middle of
nowhere", surrounded by a tropical forest. This hotel-complex came into existence
during the second half of the 60's, also through the help of President Soekarno the
very first president of Indonesia...  His personal story tells a different, special liaison
with the Spirit-Queen Of The Southern Ocean. There is the existence of a
particular room on the third floor fitted up as a "boudoir" and specially
arranged for the Javanese GUSTI KANJENG RATU KIDUL, simply
translated as Her Majesty Queen Of The South. Standing on
the balcony of Room 308 you just look down at the sum-
mit of the Ketapang-tree, the same tree where Pre-
sident Soekarno used to do his meditations......
Here you can pay a visit to meditate, or
to bring a small sacrifice, to pray, to
ask one question to the Goddess
...or just to satisfy your curiosity...
thanks for visiting
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