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Sang Dèwi Hijau Sama Sang Naga Suci
The Green Goddess With Holy Dragon
oil on linen, 80-60 Roy James Döhne Juni 2000
+ left & right: IndonesianVCD about NYI LORO/RORO KIDUL

...An Artistic form of Mysticism...
...Culture, the Spirit of the Goddess...
Culture does imitate, dissipates and tries to dominate nature...
To inspire, favour and please the Goddess Of The Southern Ocean
people make sacrifices and do offer a lot of presents, included make-up
and hair articles on special days. During these sacrificial days and evenings,
like the Javanese "market-days" Tuesday/Selåså Kliwon and Thursday/Jum'At
Kliwon a lot of people range theirselves on the side of "guru's", spiritual
teachers. They come together to manipulate all kind of spiritual
and material affairs. Wholly well-known one's the question
to know a positive number of the lottery, or a day to
remove, to get married, to know about health,
well-being, illness, disease and misfortune.
In great request is to contact the world of
spirits, angels, the touch with the Invisibles.
It is beyond superstition and always very
present within the Javanese culture. We do know
different names like Javanism, Kebatinan, Tenaga Dalam, Perkutut, Guna-Guna etc. We
also know the culture within Indonesia has willingly to do with one inner-life focussed world!

Sacrifices for the GODDESS OF THE SOUTH-SEA, at Pelabuhan Ratu Western-Java
+ Old wise men waiting for the Pasola-Rite Ceremony, at the island of Sumba

The ritual ceremonies special dedicated to the Ratu Kidul have been named after the
Pesta Labuhan, usually kept at the fishing-village of Pelabuhan Ratu at the beginning of
April. The local population lines up "en masse"  to honour and to bring respect upon pro-
minent and important deceased. Above all things and creatures they honour an
invisible female divine. On the island of Sumba every start of the New Year some
elder men make the announcement of the Pasola Ceremony. They meditate
for  nights, watching and viewing the walk with the Moon. Time is up for the
Ikan Nyale, one wormy little fish, which shows up out of the depths of the
Ocean. At this precise moment the old wise men make the sign to start
the Pasola-Rite. One's say this is a relic out of ancient times, when the
"female ocean"  still waged war against the "male mountain"! To
the people of the island of Sumba the Ikan Nyale symbolizes
the "beginning of life", with a message of the
Goddess Of The Indian Ocean aka South-Sea;
again She gives up a part of Her Body...every year.
Apart from that the population of the island
of Lombok (Orang Sasak, Sasak people)
do know this ritual as well!!!

The best-known festive days people celebrate in the center of Java, kept by the
Keratons/Palaces. From all over the country people come to see the very
expressive court-dances with the famous epics out of the Rama-
yana and the Mahabharata. The famous gesture out of
ancient times is the Sembah made to high qualified
persons and can be seen when the exquisite
Court-dances are performed on stage of
the Pendåpå within the Keraton.
The cross-legged sit of the Silå
is as beautifull as legendary
even named in Jozua 18,1
as the biblical sanctuary
at the desert-city of Silo
where the round-dance
of the maidens got beloved and well-known everywhere
please, go and see the sacred 9 Bedhåyå-dancers.
just click on the picture of the dancer...

...you want to know more about the mystery of the KERIS, an high-qualified and spiritual  object...
meet Mas Agus and his spirit-guide "Soemiyati"
Pojok Singabarong Keris Corner
Alun-alun 2 Lor Keraton Kasunanan Kartasura
Solo/Kartasura - Central-Java
NAGA RAJA oil-on-linen painting by MAS AGUS

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Updated: 19 - 06 - 2018